What I Wear in Winter

What I Wear in Winter

My favorite winter hat, the Vaughn Hat!

As the designer of my hat line, I've got a lot of hats to choose from. And while I love them all, I also have limited space and like to be streamlined in my style. 

So I have my go-tos. The hats I grab every time I leave the house. The hats that come along for the travels (and they aren't packable, but I wouldn't travel without them). 

Favoring two styles for the winter season: two versions of the same style in different colors and another favorite for winter. 

I grab my felt hats when it's cold outside or if the weather cools down a little. I love the feeling and look of felt, and if you know me, you might have guessed my favorite felt hat is the Vaughn Hat.

Me and my Vaughn catching some winter sunshine.

I love this hat. I love the ease of the raw-edged brim. I can toss it in the back of the car, and it's a no-fuss style. It's warm, stylish, goes with everything, and helps with those winter hair days. And while the Vaughn Hat can be styled multiple ways, I wear mine with a classic pinch and a slightly upturned brim. 

My Vaughn Hat in charcoal.

My first Vaughn was in the color charcoal. I wear this one the most, like 60% of the time. And I adored my Vaughn Hat so much I wanted a lighter color version, so I now have one in alabaster—a perfect winter white. The alabaster felt is softer, so I made a few design adjustments to enhance the softness. The brim is slightly shorter, but the high style is all the same. 

My alabaster Vaughn Hat.

I have loved this hat for days when I want a lighter look, a play on the different winter whites in multiple layers, or when I wear tans, camels, and beige. It's also great with navy outfits. 

As much as I love the relaxed look of the Vaughn Hat, some days, I want a more structured look. Something more tailored but still effortless in style; those days, I go for my Minimalist City Fedora in the color mink. 

My Minimalist City Fedora in the color mink.

The mink is a beautiful taupe color, goes with everything, and adds a bit of warmth to my face, which is very welcome on colder days. The stylized crown with a dedicated pinch and a 2 ¾ wired brim gives a classic look, whether in a dress with leggings, a coat and scarf, or a sweater and jeans. 

As I wrote this, I noticed that all my current winter hats are without trims—no ribbons, berries, flowers, feathers, or leather. While I adore all those trim options, I love the simplistic and minimalistic look of the unadorned hat shape. I add trims to my style in my earrings, necklaces, and scarves. But if I were to go for a trim for a winter hat, it would be a velvet ribbon. I love the texture of velvet with felt. Or a wide metallic leather band. Both are unique and stunning options. 

You don't need a ton of hats, but you do need the perfect choices to keep your style fresh and your head warm! Function meets fabulousness. 

Hint: Grab a scarf when pairing a hat with your winter look. Go for a print, a complimentary pop of color, or a different tone to the hat or coat that connects the two. It's a great way to stay updated and polished through the most intense weather months. 

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