What I Wear in Summer

What I Wear in Summer

My Trailblazer and this sweet horse!

With all those hats I adore to design and create, when it gets down to it, I wear two styles the most for Spring and Summer. And it might surprise you how simple they are. My go-tos are natural-colored straws with charcoal/black bands. 

I love the colored straws and trims of leather and feathers, flowers, and ribbons, but my grab-and-go collection is much more understated and fits my style 100%. 

The first hat in my wardrobe is the classic City Fedora in natural raffia with a charcoal grosgrain-tailored bow. This hat goes with every outfit, every mood, and anywhere I am headed. Dressed up or super casual, I love how put together and polished I always feel—understated elegance. 

The CIty Fedora in charcoal

The brim is not wide but also not stingy. It’s enough to give me sun coverage (which is an absolute must here in the desert of Arizona). The City Fedora is a 2 ¾” brim with a sharp, stylized pinched crown. It’s a compliment attractor and gives a total no-fuss vibe. 


The Trailblazer hat

My other favorite for Summer is a bit more dramatic, but because it’s a natural-colored straw and simple trim, it is perfect for every day. It’s my Trailblazer. This hat brings me so much joy. I love the upturned brim, the taller crown, and the slight pinch. The trim makes me really happy with its narrow black grosgrain bow and antler button. It has a western edge but is so subtle, and that’s my favorite thing about this hat. 

The Trailblazer hat detail of black bow and antler button

I love to wear my Trailblazer with maxi dresses and flat sandals, and in the Spring, it’s tall boots, midi skirts… and, of course, jeans! This hat fits my lifestyle and is the perfect Summer road trip companion. 

When considering building a personal hat collection, finding the hats you can wear with multiple looks is the best! And if you can only get one hat, I suggest the City Fedora. It is tailored, timeless, and perfect for every day. 

(I can’t wait for straw weather season!)

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