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4-Week Intensive Business Renewal Retreat-Style

4-Week Intensive Business Renewal Retreat-Style

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The quickest way to results is to dive straight in and get to work. Using my Signature Retreat Style each week we cover the 4-R's of Retreat through the lens of your business: Reflection, Review, Revise, and Renew. All necessary when channeling clarity with your next BIG move.

In the end, you'll know what's working, what's ready to shift, and what needs to be released whether to someone else on your team or straight out the door. Hey! Times change and to stay relevant, we must too!

The most significant moves I have made in my 30+ year career have come from doing this intensive style.

This is a 4-week commitment meeting 2x the first week to kick off, then 1 x a week for 3 more weeks. The setting is done "live" in an online retreat style via Zoom and recorded for you. Each session is 60 minutes with email and messenger support between and for 30 days after to keep you supported with the shifts you make.

Week 1: Two sessions 

1st session is an overall assessment of where your business is currently and what you are wanting to get out of this Renewal. You'll get your 1st week's section to work on: Reflection. This is custom-designed for you so the schedule will be set in the first session to work with both of our calendars for maximum results. 

2nd Session - Reflection. Seeing the landscape of your business of the past and current. How it makes you feel. What were the highs/lows? This is a non-judgemental look at the overall health of your business. 

Week 2: One session/ Review

We really assess what is working and what isn't working. We look at why and what the factors involved are. It's a fact-driven approach that is needed so we can make all of the revisions necessary. And what about what you actually want? Is that noticeable or is it on the back burner? We will get to the heart of it all this week.

Week 3: Revisal Workshop

A true strategy session where we roll up our sleeves, pull out the paper and get to work. The details, the steps, and just how to go about making the changes you need for the results you want. You'll leave this workshop with clear steps to take and feel supported by it all.

Week 4: Renewal

We've done the work and now it's time to wrap it up in a pretty package and deliver the goods.

This is a launch. Whether you choose a soft launch or a solid one, I encourage you to launch because this is you doing business. And we will set you up with a fresh look and feel so that when you hit the go button, your audience will pause and pay attention. 

Retreat style we will have a closing ceremony together to honor all of the work you have done. 

Client Feedback:

"Katherine's whole approach is one of meaningful structure. But it is done in a way that is gentle, positive, and exciting - This is an investment in MYSELF.

And Katherine's whole philosophy centers here. That she is here to facilitate YOU unlocking your best self. Whatever that entails."



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