Five Effective Ways To Wake Up Your Audience

Five Effective Ways To Wake Up Your Audience

Wouldn't you love to wake your audience up right now and have all eyes on you and your offers?

It's a great time for a client attention makeover!

I often speak to my clients about showing up in new ways. It’s absolutely the easiest way to wake up your audience.

Why is this vital? Results! These simple steps can bring in effects you haven’t experienced yet.

How? By tapping into areas that your audience isn’t familiar with you doing, you are getting their attention, and a captive audience is an entrepreneur’s dream.

Let’s face it. We as a global community have now circled a few years of a pandemic that none of us likely thought would ever have happened, nor last as long as it has. This shifted everything and our behaviors and habits have changed too. 

Now more than ever people are attached to their screens, be that computer or phone. They scroll and scroll, and frankly, many are beyond bored. Everything feels the same because they are paying more attention than before.

How does this affect you and your business? Showing up with the same approach you always appear with can quickly put you and your business into the droll zone.

Your messaging may be stellar, your gifts wildly talented, your offerings super high value, but if you don’t see the results you expected, it could come down to doing the same old, same old.

There is an easy solution! It’s so easy that my clients, when they tap into this, instantly see a response. 

Show up in a way that no one expects from you.

Now how do we know what that is? It doesn’t have to be this significant, numerous hours of research and development to land on what you can do. I encourage my clients to come up with five new ways to show up. Consider it as a brainstorming session with yourself. You may think you are already doing everything possible, but there is always room for improvement.

I am nudging you to come up with five fresh ways to show up in your business and wake up your audience.

Whether it's via social media or re-vamping a product line, there are many ways to add a little spice to your presentation.

Why does this work?

Well, for one, it makes your audience do a double-take.

Getting their attention when they least expect it physically wakes them up out of the zombie state of scrolling through their feed. Your positive, enthusiastic energy most definitely has a direct effect on your future clients.

By catching their eyes, you have the potential to change their lives with your products and services, and of course, the big one, making more money!

Coming up with five new ways to show up can be done over a cup of coffee or a notepad next to you that gets filled over a week. Sure there will be more ways that arrive once you spark your flame, but it’s not about just continuing to make a list; it’s about action, inspired action taken. That’s what brings the results.

So make a date with yourself. Have that cuppa, create a brain cloud of things you haven’t done, maybe something you don’t often do that you could try again, perhaps even things that you forgot about that once sparked your interest.

Then… do one! Rinse and repeat.

And always, always, show up and shine! Here's some ideas to play with. 


My Top Five Ways You Can Show Up Fresh: 

1. Start A Themed Weekly "Live" On Your Expert Topic... stick to it.

Make a goal to do this for one season - so "Live" weekly for three months. Assess afterward how it went. Before you begin, take a moment to list your numbers: last quarter’s sales, social media numbers, email list numbers, etc. After three months, assess those charts. Where did you find the best response?

Benefit: You harness your expert status.

You have the potential to gain more clients (not just leads). You have actual numbers to look at for viability purposes and where to put to focus... which place did these “Lives” give you the best results? Where was your biggest bang for your buck?


2. Start A Weekly Q&A Thread On Your SM Channels.

Again a way to show up as the expert you are. A Q&A Thread also is an opportunity to find out what your potential clients need from you. Ask questions. Ask them to let you know what problems they have. Making it interactive gives your audience a sense of community and being actively involved.

Benefit: You become the solution.

That is GOLD!


3. Start Reaching Out To Past Clients.

Thoughtfully, friendly, NO sales pitch. Just reach out, and say "Hi!". Ask how their season is going. Human connection is how to grow relationships.

Reaching out lets them know you remember them. They aren't just a number. Ask them how it's been going with all the shifts happening. Become pen pals with your clients.

Benefit: You are now at the top of their mind when it comes to the next time they need a service or product like yours.

Frankly, it leads to more work with these clients. In my experience, this is a game-changer.


4. Collaborate!

Find another business that compliments your work. Have a meeting and see if you can collaborate to benefit you both. Could it be a blog swap? Maybe you interview each other? Perhaps you combine products for an extra unique offering?

Benefit: New audience and possible new sales for you both.


5. Create A Showing Up Capsule Collection For Yourself.

Style counts! Create five or so outfits that make you feel fabulous and work exceptionally well from the waist up. Think Camera-Ready. Have these set out in your closet? Meaning, hang the jewelry, accessories, etc., on each outfit so you can grab-n-go.

These are the looks to slip on BEFORE you go “Live”, hop onto that group Zoom, or into the next client call.

Benefit: Being polished and put together can do wonders for your expertise.

When you are on a Zoom with 50 other people, make sure your square is the one that gets the attention for all the right reasons.


There are so many more approaches to show up fresh. What new ways will you show up to your audience?


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