5 Ways To Keep Moving Forward Right Now

5 Ways To Keep Moving Forward Right Now

5 Ways To Keep Your Trajectory Amongst Chaos
Honestly, I wrote this post around two years ago and sadly there keeps being a reason to re-post this. It's challenging to maneuver forward when the general news of the world keeps bearing down on us all. 

So to help us all get out of bed and back into the heart of our businesses, I hope these ways will inspire you to keep on keeping on. 

1. Remember Your North Star

Daily, it's vital to remember WHY you are pursuing your business. Remembering what you started this path for will keep you moving forward.

How does your business serve?

Let your service be your inspiration.

The world needs what you are offering.


2. Be The Shining Light That's Needed Now

How can your business HELP? Find ways to help heal yourself and your clients in these times.

Does your work bring joy to others?

Does your service help others cope?

Does your service relieve someone of "stuff" they don't have the capacity to do?

Find where your service, product, and business shine light into your clients' lives.

They NEED you!


3. Donate To What Is Most Heavy On Your Heart

This is a reason to get up and get to work!

What's laying heavy on your heart? Why not, as a business, donate to causes that can help? Let your clients participate in this. Take a % of your sales and put it where it's most valuable.

And this doesn't mean a loss for you. Cushion that % into your prices. Build up the energy around the cause. Make the donation on behalf of you and your clients. Everyone is blessed.


4. Build Around Your Heart

Bring attention to where your heart is by creating around the cause.

Maybe it's a specific offer.

Or could it be a new collection (or an old collection re-introduced)?

How about a "sale" for the stock you've had a long time.  

Create the energy around this to support your clients, your cause, and you.


5. Keep At It Because You Are Blessed To Be Able To. Period.

The best way you can help in the world is by doing the best you can. If you are healthy and safe, you are able to do your job.

 Those that are in danger or unwell, would love to be able to have the opportunity to do the work that brings them joy. So get up and get on it, and then send them what you can.

It's vital for everyone. You are vital for everyone. xo



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